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       More than 40 years ago IT in Thailand was not anything close to what it is today, also back then there were very few companies that were involved in the IT business, but we were one of the first pioneering companies that brought Technology from around the world here to Thailand. We have been successful ever since then not only because of our quality products and services but also from our company partners and connections acquired from projects worked on with other companies and our own people within our company who expanded to make their own company and still work with us. We have also lasted this far because we always look for the next best technology to bring to Thailand. 40 years ago Thailand did not have mobile phones and since then the mobile phones and all other technology has been advancing as well as other new technologies being introduced to the market. Many major IT and communications companies today were not present in Thailand such as CAT which was established in 1992, whereas Thaitronic was established in 1970 and we have worked with big Corporations and businesses in IT and Communications. Another reason we have the advantage to last this long is that we work together and fight for the right things and always work in accordance with the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practice Act). Our philosophy since the beginning till now has been to have the best quality products and to give the best quality services to our partners and customers, and most importantly we always keep our promises. We have history of not only working with local partners but also with international companies on some of our projects. We have work with determination and heart, we work with all of our partners and employees to get every job done efficiently and on time, these are the reasons that we have lasted this long and will continue to last from now on.


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