The Ministry is in charge of trade, prices of important agricultural goods, consumer protection, entrepreneurship, Insurance, Intellectual property protection, exports and representing Thailand at the World Trade Organization. "economic and trade of Thailand with the progress in security fair sustainable growth and is immune system to the changes to the good is the joy of the whole country.”

1.Enhance competitiveness for entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises on the base of the body of knowledge, creativity and innovation cultural capital by taking into account the dimensions, the environment and social

2.Creating a connection with economic growth in the region to enter into the ASEAN and the international community as a base to stage the world

3.To raise at international level into the economy create value by using Innovation, creativity, a friendly to the environment and to create value in conjunction with society

4.Creating an environment in the country that would be favorable to the business is a fair

5.The promotion and development of infrastructure, trade to be supportive factors in the lower costs and improve the quality and create value for entrepreneurs

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