Under the 2542 improved Ministries, Prof. interior has the authority about the treatment of suffering maintenance happy to keep the peace of the people of the fair to facilitate the promotion of social and political development of the Administrative Courts for the development of provincial administration of the local administrative authority to promote the local community development and in the census Internal Security Operations and the preventative urban development and administration, as well as other prescribed by the law to be the duties of the Ministry of Interior or a government agency that the Ministry of Interior Ministry

When considering the scope of powers and duties in accordance with the provisions of the other laws, and mission and the powers and duties of the Ministry of Interior can be summarized 4:

1) in the city of Alleviation Division is the responsibility of the provision of facilities to choose a row a local government organization to promote public participation in the city at all levels to promote the democratic regime with the King as Head of an administrative and management, a Government agency provincial local government organizations and the security of the nation.

2) on the economy Ministry of Interior is the responsibility of the Career Promotion and the existence of the people, which will have to coordinate and cooperate closely with the Government agencies, government departments of the Department of Foreign Affairs, which involved in addition, is also responsible for the establishment farmers' groups to protect the lease, the development of water for agriculture small outside irrigation zones and irrigation, the masses.

3) In the society of interior is the responsibility of the youth development and maintaining the peace of the society.

4) In the development of the Ministry of Interior physical is the responsibility of the community of the land of the basic services in rural areas of the town of town and the only major infrastructure projects in urban areas to service.

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